Kaya: American Girl

Hi, I'm Kaya. I'm eleven years old. I am half Nez Perce and half Abenaki. I live in Cambridge, MA with my mom who is a college professor. We live in an apartment with my little sister and our two dogs!

At  Canterbury Shaker Village

At the park with my brother and sister in our Easter clothes.

Here he is again, my baby half brother Cody.

Here he is again, my baby half brother Cody.

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Played in the snow with my sister. I fell down and got hurt, she tried to cheer me up.

Singing carols at school with Morgan and Lanie.

My Christmas Brunch.

Tonight my sister and I are getting on a train, and we’ll ride it to D.C where we meet up with my dad after his A Country Capitol Christmas concert and we will spend Christmas vacation in Nashville.  I’m really nervous about getting the itinerary right and keeping my sister safe.

We put our Christmas tree up this week.  We use a fake one but my grandparents have a real one up at their farm, and my dad is going to have a real one this year. He lived out of so many hotel rooms he couldn’t drag all that stuff around with him and he was single so he didn’t bother but now he has a wife and baby and a big new house.

Mom and I put up the tree and then we had hot chocolate.